With the understanding that optimal Project Management results from an efficient application of both Consultancy and Advisory, we offer you solutions that align coherently with your goal.

Consulting is as much as an art as science. It is an art of advising and the science of realising. Taking over a project, understanding its requirements, and concluding it as per expectations requires the tremendous skill of merging the art with the science. Project Management is a great vehicle for fast-track operations as it offers flexibility in dealing with unforeseen changes and delivers savings in cost direct to the client. The process is driven by Project Management Consultants who happen to be the backbone of any venture and also the ‘unsung heroes’.

At Madhav Limaye Consulting LLP we integrate the project management approach, connecting all stages from pre-engineering to post-construction. This provision encompasses professional management of the overall planning, control, and coordination of a Construction project or portfolio of projects, further ensuring completion of the project on time, within budget, and meeting the client requirement. It is essential that project budgets be aligned with expectations for project scale, schedule, risk, and quality. We deliver clear and realistic advice at the earliest possible stage of project development, so informed decisions are made at the outset.

Project Management Advisory Services comprises construction experts who understand the dynamic risks that construction project teams face. Our project advisory services focus on the processes required to effectively and efficiently plan and manage projects, improve transparency and accountability among stakeholders, control cost, and avoid, minimize, or resolve disputes during the construction project lifecycle.

Service Highlights
Our comprehensive experience in the construction sector drives our service philosophy—helping further the success of project stakeholders as they work toward common cost, schedule, and quality objectives. We consult on project planning and implementation throughout different levels of an organization to help clients achieve superior project returns and minimize the risk of disputes.

Performance Audit
Whether conducted before construction commences, periodically during the performance of construction, or at close-out, our advisory services can help clients increase their return on capital project expenditures.